Dr.Rock SleepPad Bianstone & Graphene Far Infrared Thermal Sleeping Pad

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Sleep healthy and wake up full of energy! Newly designed smart healthy sleeping pad that ... browse more

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Sleep healthy and wake up full of energy!

  • Newly designed smart healthy sleeping pad that improves sleep quality through energy compound
  • Promote recovery and regeneration of the body, waking up full of energy every day
  • Made of selected natural red meteorite, combined with terahertz energy stone
  • Electronic constant-temperature heating of graphene cloth and meteorite can emit double-layer far-infrared rays and negative oxygen ions that are beneficial to the human body.
  • Improve microcirculation, activate cells, and achieve heat therapy effects
  • Can help improve cold, acidic constitution and sleep quality
  • Relieve physical fatigue and pain, and improve inflammation with warm compresses
  • A natural way to warm the whole body for healthy physical therapy

Graphene Technology
Revolutionary materials for biomedicine in the 21st century (Nobel Prize in Physics)

  • Graphene is currently the thinnest yet strongest nanomaterial in the world
  • When the graphene flexible film is energized, it generates heat and releases a large amount of far-infrared rays, which can electrolyze oxygen in the air and produce negative oxygen ions.
  • Promote blood microcirculation, accelerate metabolism, and effectively improve human sub-health
  • Relax muscles, relieve fatigue, and improve joint pain
  • Good antibacterial properties, inhibit bacterial growth and reproduction, resist mites and deodorize
  • Regulates autonomic nervous system, has skin care and beauty effects, etc.

Natural meteorite (Gua Sha stone, rare earth) Stone that can cure diseases
The meteorite used is selected from the authentic A-grade natural red meteorite from Sibin, Shandong.

  • The medical technique of using Bianstone to treat diseases is called Bianstone technique. Bianstone technique is one of the six major medical techniques of traditional Chinese medicine (Bianstone, acupuncture, moxibustion, medicine, massage and guidance).
  • Contains more than 30 trace elements and minerals that are beneficial to the human body, as well as more than 20 anti-aging elements such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, chromium, strontium, and selenium that are necessary for the human body.
  • The surface of the red meteorite is soft, especially for making the skin white and rosy. It has special effects on activating cells, improving blood gas microcirculation, and clearing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular vessels.
  • It produces extremely far infrared rays with a wavelength of 3 to 20 microns, which can resonate with human cells and water molecules at the same frequency.
  • It is a mineral that can emit ultrasonic pulses that are beneficial to the human body, promote microcirculation, and have health care effects.
  • Emits 3708 ultrasonic waves/vibration with a frequency of 2 to 2 million Hz, which is the highest among all materials.
  • Excellent thermal conductivity and insulation effect, effectively conducts heat energy to muscles
  • After heating and vibration, the energy is stronger and the penetration is deeper (4.5CM)

Terahertz energy stone, soothing, calming and balancing energy
It is a kind of mineral with metallic luster, which has the functions of avoiding radiation, soothing and calming, and promoting metabolism.

  • Terahertz energy stones emit terahertz waves, which refer to electromagnetic waves with frequencies in the range of 0.1THz to 10THz, and wavelengths in the range of approximately 0.03 to 3mm, which belong to the infrared wavelength range. It has the characteristics of strong penetrability, high safety in use and good directionality.
  • The material that is most likely to resonate (absorb) terahertz waves is water. Water has the property of rotating vibrations in its molecular structure to absorb, preserve and emit terahertz waves. 70% of the human body is composed of water molecules, so when terahertz light waves resonate with the body, it is of great help to the activation of cells.
  • Resonance phenomenon stimulates the movement of water molecules in the body, increases blood oxygen content and fluidity, and promotes cell activity and metabolism.
  • After terahertz waves penetrate into the body, they can resonate with atoms and molecules of human cells, causing the temperature of the deep subcutaneous layer to rise, dilating capillaries and promoting metabolism and blood circulation. Can accelerate body metabolism, reduce fat accumulation, and remove harmful substances from the body
  • Terahertz stone has excellent thermal conductivity and specific heat characteristics. If it encounters a small amount of heat source, it can immediately raise and lower the temperature. It can act as a hot compress and relax the human body.
  • Promotes health and balances energy. It can adjust the body's aura and energy and help promote physical and mental health.
  • Improve sleep and relieve stress. Can improve sleep quality, relieve stress, and have anti-radiation effects

Far infrared rays increase body temperature
Far-infrared rays in the 6-14 micron band of sunlight are essential for biological survival. They are called the "light of life" by the scientific community and are widely used in medical treatment.

  • Removing "deficiency cold" from the body is not about raising the ambient temperature, but about making the body feel warm enough. Heating to increase body temperature is the best way to get rid of the problem of "deficiency cold", and irradiating far-infrared rays is the most effective way.
  • According to the National Infrared Center, the far-infrared wavelength range released by meteorite and pure graphene when heated is concentrated in 6-14 microns.
  • It is basically consistent with the wavelength range of the human body's far-red rays. When meteorites and graphite heat up, they can easily cause resonance at the same frequency and better conduct energy to the human body for absorption.
  • Can promote the enhancement of red blood cell activity
  • Promote the body's natural self-healing power, make the body healthier, sleep well, and smile warmly

Breakthrough thermal energy injection technology
Integrating the latest graphene ultra-fast heat conduction and far-infrared co-resonance technology, it not only injects heat into the body instantly, but can also penetrate clothing and subcutaneous cells to generate heat at the same frequency and resonance, achieving the best effect and efficacy.

  • Improve microcirculation, activate cells, and achieve the effect of heat therapy
  • Improve cold, acidic constitution and sleep quality
  • Relieve physical fatigue and pain, warm compress and reduce inflammation
  • It is also helpful to resolve chronic diseases and sequelae

Activate self-repair function and promote metabolism and health through various methods such as heat therapy, activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis.
Different temperatures have different effects. Long-term warm compress is wonderful.

  • Daily sleep warm compress therapy: Set the thermostat to 30~40°C. For daily sleep use. Hot use is recommended for 6~10 hours/time. It is suitable for people with weak and cold constitution, poor sleep quality, poor body microcirculation, long-term fatigue, rheumatic pain, cold hands and feet, and reduced immunity.
  • Warm conditioning therapy: Set the thermostat to 41~49°C. For daily body conditioning. It is recommended to use it for 2 to 4 hours each time. It is suitable for those who resist stubborn diseases, long-term fatigue, rheumatic pain, dysmenorrhea, uterine cold, blood stasis, cold hands and feet, poor body microcirculation, decreased immunity, edema and obesity, and sub-healthy people.
  • Room temperature natural therapy: The thermostat power heating switch is turned off (room temperature) on hot days, or normal indoor temperature natural care. Recommendations for use: Long term. It feels cool and comfortable when used in summer; long-term use can allow the body to absorb the far-infrared rays and terahertz energy emitted by the stone, which are beneficial to the body. It can remove cold and dampness in the human body, promote metabolism, and help maintain and improve the body's microcirculation system. working normally.
  • Tip: At 45~50°C, people with high blood pressure and pregnant women are prohibited from using it or use it with caution.

For people
Busy urban life, don’t let sub-health overdraft your body

  • People with sub-health, low immunity, and fatigue-prone people
  • People with edema, obesity, insomnia, neurasthenia, and poor physical fitness
  • Rheumatism, rheumatoid patients, paralysis of hands and feet and other symptoms
  • Cold hands and feet, female physiological discomfort, fear of cold, etc.
  • Painful symptoms such as waist and leg pain, shoulder and neck pain, muscle aches, etc.

Seven layers of material, lightweight, easy to store and easy to carry
The first layer: nylon edging. The second layer: energy-containing slow heating layer. The third layer: high-density mesh cloth. The fourth layer: natural red meteorite and terahertz rough stone. The fifth layer: graphene heating film. The sixth layer: bamboo charcoal fiber cotton. Layer 7: 3D anti-shock netbr>
Constant temperature, intelligent control system
Two built-in temperature sensors automatically sense body temperature and room temperature, automatically adjust the temperature accurately, and can set the timer to automatically shut down for up to 12 hours.

International safety certification
Passed RoHs, FCC, CE-EMC and other safety certifications, providing safety, stability, durability and multiple protections

Use with total peace of mind
Using physiotherapy-grade graphene flexible electric heating film, it is not a high-voltage wire that heats the human body. It uses a low-voltage 36V input, which is safe and prevents electric shock.

Product parameters

  • Model: SP719
  • Product name: Dr.Rock Bianstone & Graphene Far Infrared Thermal Sleeping Pad
  • Dimensions: L70 x W160 x H1.5 CM / Weight: 6.9 KG
  • Bianstone particles: 206 pieces (120 large pieces + 86 small pieces)
  • Terahertz particles: 9 pieces
  • Physiotherapy mode: room temperature natural therapy, daily warm compress, warm conditioning
  • Adapter input/output: 100-240V~50/60Hz, DC 36V/5.8A 208Wz
  • Sleeping pad input power: 208W maximum
  • Current and voltage: human body safety low voltage maximum 36V/5.8A
  • Heating device: graphene heating film
  • Adjustable range of temperature controller: 20~50℃
  • The temperature controller can set the timing: 1 to 12 hours
  • Heating temperature: 20~50℃ Adjustable by lifting button
  • Accessories: 3D shockproof net, high-density mesh cloth, bamboo charcoal fiber cotton layer (fireproof)
  • Product contents: Thermal sleeping pad x1/ Temperature controller x1/ Charging adapter x1/ Storage bag x1/ Instruction manual x1


  • 1. Read the instructions carefully before use and use them according to the operating instructions.
  • 2. Do not let people who cannot take care of themselves, infants, or people who are not sensitive to heat use alone.
  • 3. It is prohibited to use it in water or humid environment
  • 4. Do not dry clean or launder. When the power is off, use a wet towel to wipe the contaminated part, dry it and then power on for heating.
  • 5. Do not insert sharp objects into this product
  • 6. Do not place bedding and other items in the heating area to cover a small area when the product is heating to prevent local overheating and malfunction.
  • 7. It is prohibited to place fireworks, lighters and other flammable items on the surface of the product to prevent fires.
  • 8. After use and before going out, please confirm whether the power is cut off.
  • 9. Use the heating function. The temperature can be adjusted according to the tolerance of the skin. To prevent skin burns, please adjust the temperature level reasonably according to your body constitution. If you feel any discomfort, stop using it in time.
  • 10. Use with caution in patients with moderate and severe cardiovascular disease and severe heart disease.
  • 11. Pregnant women are prohibited from using or use with caution

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    Dr.Rock SleepPad Bianstone & Graphene Far Infrared Thermal Sleeping Pad

    $8,800.00 $6,980.00