The daily necessities for the elderly in Hong Kong are divided into four aspects: food, clothing, housing and transportation, with the intention of improving the quality of life of the elderly. For example, bathing chairs for the elderly to take a bath, handrails for the elderly to prevent falls, food scarves for the elderly to use when eating, etc., from all aspects of daily necessities for the elderly to improve his life convenience, free shipping to his home for purchases over $300 .

ARGAL Elderly Rehabilitation Training 2-in-1 Mini LED Display Bike


Hemiplegia health care trainer|Rehabilitation training mini bicycle Mini exercise bike rehabilitation training / exercising hands and feet / fitness for the elderly Home Portable Rehabilitation Bike・Caring for parents' health Enhance...

ARGAL Dual-purpose Rehabilitation Training Machine for Elderly Magnetic Bike


Caring for post-surgery health・Solving rehabilitation problems Caring for family members and being grateful to parents. This multifunctional magnetic rehabilitation machine can solve your bedridden, stiff limbs, hand inconvenience and other...

ARGAL Elderly Upper and Lower Limb Rehabilitation Bike (Basic Version)


Fully foldable free installation|Anti-slip large suction cup|Thickened and bold steel pipe The structure is simple, easy to install, and it takes only 10 seconds to complete the full folding in...

ARGAL elderly home upper and lower limbs rehabilitation training exercise bicycle machine (upper and lower limbs bicycle + leg calculator)


Hands and feet training and postoperative rehabilitation artifact Resistance Adjustment Rehabilitation Trainer New upgrade new experience Stepless resistance adjustment, free adjustment according to demand Smart display large screen, real-time display...

OKANG Elderly Fitness and Rehabilitation Space Walking Machine


360° leg circular motion The legs move forward, backward, left, and right at the same time, and the range of motion can be adjusted by yourself to exercise the body...

PINNAI Elderly Rehabilitation and Fitness Space Walking Machine (Flagship Model)


Healthy Exercise Zero Injury Multi-level adjustable space walker (elliptical machine), low noise, adjustable armrests, and resistance adjustment. multisport mode Multi-function display, showing exercise time, times, calories. Stepless resistance adjustment Adjust...

Dr.Rock Mini Bianstone Far Infrared Hot Compress Massage Gun


New heat injection technology, can penetrate the same frequency resonance effect, intelligent perception of real-time data wireless transmission, enjoy the warm health care of pure natural energy stone in the...

ARGAL home upper and lower limb rehabilitation training exercise walking machine for the elderly (upper limb arm + lower limb swing leg training version)


Born for rehabilitation training for the elderly The elderly have no pain in the waist and legs, and the whole body is relaxed Rehabilitation training for the elderly, daily exercise,...

FITMART Elderly Fitness Space Walking Home Stepper (Height Adjustable|Resistance Adjustable)

from $569.00

Elderly Fitness Fitness Stepper|Pure Physical Health Body Shaping Height Adjustable|Resistance Adjustable Hip Lifting Abdominal Loss Belly Corset Waist Shaping Fitness low noise LED display Non-slip massage board Bearing 120kg Does...

BIOCOR Elderly Mini Rehabilitation Hands and Feet 3-Use Training Bike

from $869.00

37 years of focus on the production and development of rehabilitation fitness equipment Heavy Upgrade Mini Exercise Bike To force the quality, only to ensure the safety of users Ingenious...

ARGAL Elderly Cervical Spine Upper Limb Rehabilitation Ring Pulley Trainer (Hanging Door|Two Wheels)


Upper Limb Rehabilitation Trainer Restoration of upper body functional training Elderly Fitness Rehabilitation Training Shoulder joint traction training For Home Exercise Routine Accessories include 2 training armrests, 1 training rope,...

Booster M2 Noise Canceling Fascial Massage Gun (2500mAh Deluxe Edition with Storage Box)


Noise reduction fascia gun|Vector strike control technology|Six different massage heads|Collection box The brand-new muscle gun M2 has an upgraded noise reduction function, which makes the massage more peaceful. AI mode...

Jago Elderly Hemorrhoid Tail Vertebral Protection Decompression Cushion (Mesh Cloth | Bamboo Charcoal Type)


Sitting for a long time is too harmful for the elderly, don't sit on the "chair" to wait for illness Elderly suffer from hemorrhoidal pain, tailbone pain, oppressive pain after...

Dr.Rock MagicPad Pro Bianstone Far Infrared Warm Yang Variety Pad Professional Edition


Brand-new heat energy injection technology, body temperature improves physical condition, warms self-healing, and health is visible. Natural meteorite + nano graphene = two swords combined, PEMF + terahertz = doubled...

Dr.Rock SleepPad Bianstone Far Infrared Thermal Sleeping Pad


When body temperature rises by 1°C, immunity increases by 30%, body temperature improves physical condition, warm self-healing, and health is visible. Natural meteorite + nano-graphene = two swords combined Electronic...

PINNAI Elderly Rehabilitation Fitness Stepper (Luxury Model)


multisport mode Multi-function display, showing exercise time, times, calories. Stepless resistance adjustment Adjust the resistance at will, there is no fixed gear. non-slip pedals Avoid safety hazards in sports. Aerobic...

KeepFit Airbag Pressing Elderly Heated Leg Massager (Upgraded Constant Temperature Version|2-Pack)


Do the elderly have a lot of troubles about their legs? Use it by a portable masseur The elderly have sore legs standing or walking for a long time, and...

Dr.Rock graphene negative ion far infrared reflective quilt


Comprehensive heat therapy to detoxify and acidify, and remove cold and dampness from the human body. Brand new user experience Emit negative ions and far infrared rays Reflect far infrared...

Microtouch Elderly Ergonomic Waist Support Waist Support Lumbar Pad (Pneumatic Version|Double Airbag Adjustment and Self-fitting Waist)


Ergonomic design・Ingenious manufacturing・Care for your waist health Microtouch pressure relief waist. Double back support・Double comfort for lumbar problems・Microtouch upgrade High elastic soft rubber spring German BASF slow rebound memory foam...

Microtouch長者人體工學腰靠護腰支撐腰墊 (尊享版|記憶棉|駕駛安全緩衝柱)


人體工學設計・專為駕駛人士設計・匠心製造・呵護您的腰部健康 Microtouch減壓腰靠.雙背支撐・雙倍舒適針對腰椎問題・Microtouch再升級 高彈力軟膠彈簧 德國BASF慢回彈記憶棉 (豪華版和尊享版配置) 一鍵調節高低 6大專利認證 5D 透氣面材 防撞設計(尊享版配置) 久坐傷腰・長期坐姿不正容易腰椎痛疼 據2019年數據統計,目前腰椎病患者平均每7個人大概有1個人腰椎有問題,近年來呈年輕化趨勢發展,做好預防刻不容緩。 經常開車腰酸背痛 老年人腰部問題 辦公室久坐勞累 腰部意外受傷 99%椅子支撐不足・久坐傷腰人體腰椎曲線呈S曲線,長時間久坐腰部容易彎曲,但是絕大部分椅子並不貼合腰椎,導致腰部支撐不足,時間一長,腰椎曲線變形,容易出現腰椎問題。 人體工學設計・緩解腰部勞累 雙背包裹設計,有效包裹背部肌肉,放鬆腰部肌肉,釋放腰椎間隙壓力。 脊柱 腰方肌包裹 腰眼支撐 七節骨 一撥即調・5檔高度 自由升降適合您的腰部,有效支撐腰部肌肉。 1檔:適合180CM以上 2檔:適合170-180CM 3檔:適合160-169CM 4檔:適合154-159CM 5檔:適合...

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